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Sámi simplifies production workflow

4 January 2013
Sámi simplifies production workflow

The Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos in Inari, Finland, has installed a Broadcast Pix Granite 1000 video control centre for its in-house productions and live events. The simple controller, with dynamically assignable labelled keys, means that a single operator can handle a complex event with multiple video outputs, live cameras, servers and graphics. The centre, which opened in the north of Finland at the beginning of 2012, was built to preserve and develop Sámi culture and business. The broadcast facilities allow users of the centre to transmit sophisticated multi-camera productions live on the internet and record them for future use, as well as providing large screen presentations in the main hall and broadcasting on the centre’s internal television service. The Granite series from Broadcast Pix is designed to integrate all the functionality likely to be required into a single control system. As well as the production switcher it also includes a video server for multi-channel record and replay, and graphics from a leading vendor: the Sajos installation is a Harris Inscriber. It also supports a multi-viewer for ease of monitoring. “Granite is a cost-effective HD video control system,” said Mikko Juntunen of Mediatrade, the Helsinki systems integrator that installed the system. “The integrated switcher and clip server, and options such as the Panasonic camera control, were also important.” Joonas Saari of the Sajos centre added that the Granite system “has made the multi-camera tasks, such as live streaming and video projection, possible.”

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