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Ruwido to demo ‘user experience excellence’

26 August 2013
Ruwido to demo ‘user experience excellence’

According to ruwido, the company is meeting consumer needs for more natural methods of engaging with their connected TV offering, creating devices which bring consumers closer to their chosen content by synchronising mind and sense.

Alongside the company’s portfolio of solutions, ruwido will be demonstrating at IBC how the integration of voice, embedded in multimodal input devices, can be the key for further enhancement of convenient interaction with TV services.

"Unnecessarily complicated and unwieldy remote controls are a thing of the past," said ruwido CEO, Ferdinand Maier (pictured). "ruwido is working to transform the way in which users interact with the television, and to allow navigation by emotion."

The company says that its successes in the exploration of user behaviour are based upon over 40 years’ experience in consumer electronics. To support customers during product development, ruwido’s user experience lab conducts early and continual evaluation of new products with real users, through what it describes as a rigorous program of scientific user behaviour research. This, it says, provides the company with evidence-based understanding of what keeps consumers engaged and excited about their TV services.

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