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Rustavi 2 broadcasts Georgian elections using Orad graphics

24 October 2012
Rustavi 2 broadcasts Georgian elections using Orad graphics

Georgian private broadcaster Rustavi 2 employed Orad’s augmented reality, tracking, and on-air graphic systems to broadcast recent Georgian elections. “With Orad’s solutions we were able to raise the production bar and offer our large audience up-to-the-moment, comprehensive election coverage,” stated George Kumsiashvili, Rustavi 2’s technical director. “Orad lets us display large quantities of complex election data accurately and in realtime. Thanks to the company’s 3D graphics capabilities, the overall look of the broadcast was enhanced significantly, grabbing viewers’ attention with image-rich information.” The Rustavi 2 election production featured the Orad RealSet augmented reality graphics, introducing 3D virtual graphics elements into the studio space. Realtime production graphics were created by Orad’s partner, Motion Path, using the Orad 3Designer authoring software. Rustavi 2 enhanced its news set with an assortment of augmented reality graphics, including the new Parliament building in Kutaisi. A 3D model of the Parliament building was used in the elections logo, all backgrounds, and in the news intro and promo. Orad’s 3DPlay was used to control important on-air election visuals, including tickers, graphs, charts, and other critical election data pulled from the central election database. Deployed within several days, the Orad installation allowed Rustavi 2 to transfer the data from its control centre via fibre optics to its studio located several kilometres

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