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Russia’s Shopping Live on-air with Aveco

20 November 2014
Russia’s Shopping Live on-air with Aveco

Russia’s Shopping Live channel is using Aveco’s ASTRA Control Automation and Media Asset Management system.

ASTRA manages Shopping Live’s fast-paced workflows by using placeholders which enable shows to be scheduled before all the content is available. This gives the production team more time to fine tune their video clips, and enables the planning of the show and the production to be independent, yet linked together.

The Shopping Live workflow starts in the studio where the presenters show products in topic oriented shows. The shows are ingested under control of Aveco’s ASTRA Ingest into the video server. ASTRA Browse creates the low resolution clips, which users then browse as proxies, mark segment boundaries and create new high resolution clips ready for broadcast.

Playlists are manually created in ASTRA using Playlist editing tools. Playlists include a combination of live shots from the studio, graphics for additional information, and pre-produced clips from the video server.

The playout is then all automated under ASTRA control. ASTRA controls Shopping Live’s Harmonic ChannelPort for clip playout, master control switching, as well as the insertion of rich graphics. An as-run log is exported for playout evaluation and internal processing. Finally, ASTRA MAM manages the playout workflow, archiving of clips and shows, and the purging of content.

“Our strategy is to use high production techniques along with fast-paced action to achieve higher sales,” said Michael Bogomolov, head of TV production at Shopping Live. “To achieve this, we chose Aveco’s ASTRA MAM and automation system which includes a powerful workflow manager and features to give our crews the ability to manage this complex operation. Our work with Aveco can be summed up simply: Aveco – super system, super company!”

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