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Russian digitisation moves to next level

30 January 2006

Scopus has supplied and installed various IRD receiver-decoders for the fourth stage of Russia’s RTRS (Radio Television Republic Network) digitisation project. Scopus, through its distribution network in Russia, has completed the first three phases of the project and installed platforms across thousands of sites traversing the entirety of Russia. The overall value of the accumulated deals is worth a number of millions of dollars.

RTRS was established by the Russian government in 2001, to improve television and radio broadcast networks in Russia, and to create a joint production-and-technological unit based on the state television and radio broadcasting networks. The digitisation process of RTRS is expected to reach completion over the next few years.

For the project, Scopus deployed its IRD-2600 and IRD-2900 receivers that have undergone Russian certification. The IRD-2600 is a professional receiver-decoder. The IRD-2900 features a dual decoder for concurrent decoding of two programs within the same transport stream as well as built-in full transport stream de-scrambling capability. The platform is supported by Scopus’ IVN? system architecture. Both IRDs are based on MPEG, DVB and Russian standards.


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