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RTW Blitses the field

29 August 2013
RTW Blitses the field

The new Blits (Black & Lane’s Ident Tones for Surround) instrument option for RTW’s line of TM7 and TM9 TouchMonitors is designed to generate and analyse Blits test signals. It enables testing for channel allocation, level, and phase of 5.1 surround signals.

RTW says it created a special instrument not only to generate a Blits test signal, but also to use the Blits sequence for a user-friendly and comprehensive analysis and display of level, channel allocation, phase, delay and polarity of incoming digital audio signals in 5.1 mode; and the sequence can be accessed from any digital input of the TouchMonitor.

In addition, the Blits instrument features a signal generator, which is capable of generating not only the 5.1 sequence, but also a stereo ident sequence either in EBU 3304 format or as the widely known Glits tone. According to RTW, users can choose to place an identification header, similar to a station ident, in front of the test sequence; and the signal will then be output through the AES3 or AES3id output feeds.

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