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RTV Slovenia implements NOA Record 4

21 January 2011
RTV Slovenia implements NOA Record 4

Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV) will be the first media enterprise to implement the new NOA Record 4 system for migration of audio from analogue to digital storage.

RTV, which already relies extensively on NOA mediARC for digitising and managing its audio archive, is also expanding its NOA CD Lector ingest system from four to eight channels, doubling throughput and capacity.

"Having evaluated archiving solutions used elsewhere in Europe, we are more convinced than ever that the NOA system we use every day is the best one for the job," said Martin Zvelc, RTV technical adviser. "For RTV staff, the NOA mediARC system is essential to helping us manage our large audio archive. Meanwhile, what impresses our board of directors is the low cost of ownership. Adding a fourth NOA Record system and expanding CD Lector will help ensure that we complete the digital migration of our archive on schedule."

The Record 4 is part of the NOA Ingest Line family, which works with NOA’s flagship mediARC solution to form a managed digital workflow of stored audio assets. Developed to meet the needs of enterprises like RTV that have a high volume of audio stored on long-playing magnetic tape or vinyl, the NOA Record 4 system simultaneously ingests four parallel streams of analogue audio. At RTV, two of the four NOA Record channels will be dedicated exclusively to digitising recordings now stored on vinyl disk.

NOA Record comprises software, the N6071 workstation, and N6000A hardware, including high-quality A/D converters and replayer communication modules. RTV will also deploy the N6035A Optical Tape Analysis Module, which uses advanced transparency analysis to identify scratches, speed identification of coloured leader tapes, and magnetic layer loss on analogue tape, enabling precise status detection even at 76 cm/s. This data is invaluable for consistent archival description and quality assessment of a transcript.

"Relying on NOA solutions, RTV is already enabling hundreds of staff at its headquarters in Ljubljana and regional studios in Koper, Lendava, and Maribor to access more of its archive than ever before," said Jean-Christophe Kummer, managing partner of NOA Audio Solutions.
"Expanding the ingest capabilities with NOA Record 4 and additional channels of CD Lector will support RTV’s smooth, efficient transition from legacy to up-to-date storage technologies."

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