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RTV N-H goes into OverDrive with Ross Video

19 January 2012
RTV N-H goes into OverDrive with Ross Video

Amsterdam-based regional station, RTV Noord-Holland has installed Ross Video’s OverDrive Automated Production Control System and XPression Virtual Studio to increase its live output for News and Regional Affairs, writes David Fox.

The systems allow the broadcaster to gain a more efficient daily workflow and more creative studio environment without increasing technical operators.

"The growing demand for fast and accurate news, current affairs, and sports coverage forced RTV N-H to look for creative and flexible solutions for an old problem – how to do more and better with less and fewer,” said Wiljan Pongers, Head of Facilities, RTV Noord-Holland.

“Together with Sealander Visions and Ross Video, we worked towards the OverDrive Automated Production Control System workflow (pictured left) in combination with the XPression Virtual Studio. This put the basic building blocks in place, allowing us to maintain the highest level of flexibility, quality and accuracy possible in the hands of a single operator," he explained.

“Having worked with RossVideo on several OverDrive projects, it’s always exciting to add a new twist to the mix,” added Tony Wood, Technical Solutions Manager, Sealander Visions.

“When RTV N-H wanted to explore the possibility of adding control of a Virtual Studio to a live programme, with a growing requirement for automation, we knew this would be a first. And with tight integration evolving within the Ross product line, XPression Virtual Studio (pictured left) was clearly the route to bring into reality the adventurous aims of our valued client.”

OverDrive "was a perfect complement to [RTV N-H’s] existing workflow and equipment, making it easy for operators to migrate over to an automated method of working," said Trevor Bilcock, Business Development Manager for OverDrive EAIME, Ross Video.


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