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RTV automates with Quantel

26 April 2012
RTV automates with Quantel

RTV, the state broadcaster in Slovenia, has chosen the Quantel Enterprise sQ production system to handle all its news, magazine and sports programmes. The sale was negotiated by Quantel distributor O-Video, which will work with Quantel and RTV to implement the system. RTV’s production requirements will be served by four Quantel sQ servers, putting over 3000 hours of content online using the latest HD MPEG-4 AVCI codec. As well as providing connectivity in the newsroom the system also includes the QTube global media workflow technology, enabling field production teams to edit together stories combining locally captured and centrally held media, over standard internet connectivity. The system will support more than 120 journalists and products using sQ Cut desktop editors. For packages that need more refining, there are 19 Qube and sQ Edit craft editors. Comprehensive media asset management, including ingest control, is by Quantel Mission, with sQ Play completing the functionality by managing playout. “We are delighted to award this contract to O-Video for the Quantel Enterprise sQ system,” said Matjaz Fajdiga, RTV technical manager. “The fast and powerful performance offered by Quantel’s unique video frame-based sQ server technology combined with the elegant and easy to operate editing interface will greatly improve our ability to get great looking HD news and sports content to air quickly and efficiently.”


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