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RTS onboard 3D truck

1 June 2010
RTS onboard 3D truck

With Telegenic’s 3D OB truck now in service for a couple of months, companies are keen to highlight their role in the Sony Professional Europe-built – not to mention world’s first – truck. RTS/Telex is one of the first out the gate.

An important place among the truck’s lavish array of electronic devices is occupied by systems from RTS/Telex. One such is a 128-port ADAM matrix flanked by a variety of keypanels from RTS’s KP series – KP32 and KP12 being the models represented.

Dave Rowley, head of sound with Telegenic, explained why the British broadcasting specialist opted for RTS/Telex equipment when fitting out the state-of-the-art outside broadcast vehicle: “In a truck like the new 3D van, there’s no room for compromise,” he said. “The equipment must be of the absolute highest quality, and since we have already equipped eight of our trucks with ADAM matrices and been rewarded each time with excellent performance, it was only logical that we should opt here too for an ADAM matrix.”

The trump cards of the ADAM matrix, in Rowley’s view, are its connectivity, the flexibility offered by its I/O cards and – acing all others – the extreme reliability of the system. “Besides which,” added Rowley, “ADAM allows us to connect effortlessly all the trucks in the Telegenic OB fleet and our engineers are all fully familiar with it, which makes our task considerably easier.”

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