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RTS comms for Viditech OB truck

20 January 2012
RTS comms for Viditech OB truck

Viditech Broadcast Facilities has invested in a new outside broadcast vehicle: OBV5. The new truck, which is designed to serve up to 12 cameras, will be used primarily for television productions, including sporting events, talk shows and general entertainment. "It‘s a fully-equipped, and yet extraordinarily compact truck," said Jan de Pijper, Viditech’s MD. Moreover, the TV control room on wheels offers the best of both worlds, as he explained: "The truck is highly versatile but at the same time features powerful technology and delivers a high level of quality."

The truck is equipped with an RTS Cronus digital matrix with 32 ports as well as numerous KP-12 series keypanels. MCP-90-12 microphones and PH-88R5 headsets from Telex complete the set-up.

de Pijper explained the reasons for his choice of RTS/Telex systems: "We have been working a lot with products from RTS/Telex. Furthermore, we’ve had uniformly positive experiences with them. They offer flawless performance and are extremely reliable, which is particularly important. You can hardly change your intercom system in the middle of a live broadcast, so you have to have 100% confidence in the system you choose." Since the installation had to be completed to a tight schedule, the ability to work closely with Axon Digital Design in general, and Area Sales Manager Leo Smeding in particular, also proved crucial to the success of the undertaking. “ 

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