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RTS Colloquium 2010 – TV in the Cloud

8 December 2010
RTS Colloquium 2010 – TV in the Cloud

The subject for this year’s RTS Colloquium, to be held on 14 December at Pincents Manor, Reading, is Television in the Cloud: Optimising television applications for cloud computing environments.

Is cloud computing a model that organisations involved in television and digital media can exploit in order to increase flexibility, reduce costs and reduce risk?

In recent years there have been significant changes to the way audiences store and consume video content and how broadcasters successfully monetise that content. Along the way there have been successes and failures, but ultimately with each new advance in technology, there has been a struggle between the content providers and the content consumers. Content providers, desperate to retain their ability to monetise expensive rights based assets, are suspicious of new open platform technologies. Consumers are wary of closed technologies having been hurt in the past by countless format wars and technology races.

With a small accompanying exhibition, speakers and panel sessions examining the positives, as well as the negatives, and real-world examples such as MUPPITS (Multiple User post production IT Services), KIT Digital TSL and Chyron, this promises to be not only a learning experience, but also one which could shape the strategic future of your product roadmap. The fundamental aspects of cloud-computing and its applicability to television broadcasting will be examined by our keynote speaker from IBM (Chris Sharp) and well known author John Watkinson.

The event starts at 08.45 and a full programme, plus details of registration, can be found here.

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