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RTRN’s digital TV multiplex project aided by Thomson Broadcast

4 September 2013
RTRN’s digital TV multiplex project aided by Thomson Broadcast

RTRN will deploy a second national digital television multiplex, contracted by Trade House Sviaz Engineering, with transmitters supplied by Thomson Broadcast.

The project will unfold over three years, and hundreds of Thomson Broadcast transmitters from the Elite and Futhura ranges will be installed across the Russian territory. During the first year transmitters from 25W up to 10kW will be supplied. All the transmitters support both Single Frequency Network configuration and Multiple Frequency Networks, allowing the operator to reallocate transmitters to new sites during the deployment.

Moscow-based integrators Trade House Sviaz Engineering will deliver the infrastructure for RTRN. “After an exhaustive evaluation of all the major manufacturers, Thomson has been chosen as one of the main partners in the construction of Russia’s second digital television multiplex because its Futhura and Elite transmitters provide the best balance of features and performance with cost,” said Andrey Mekhanik, the company’s chairman.

“This enormous order continues the extraordinary success of Thomson Broadcast in 2013 and confirms that the Elite and Futhura range offer an unbeatable combination of advantages for the broadcaster,” said Pascal Veillat, chairman, Arelis Group, which acquired Thomson Broadcast in 2012. “We are now working closely with Sviaz Engineering to ensure the speedy delivery of our equipment and to support our partner in this exciting project.”

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