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RTR links up with RTS/Telex

1 June 2011
RTR links up with RTS/Telex

Russian media giant RTR is expanding its network infrastructure and regional studios with equipment from RTS/Telex. To streamline its workflows, its numerous regional studios are now linked to RTR’s Moscow headquarters in a huge intercom network, writes David Fox.

Part of the network upgrade includes equipment from RTS/Telex, with several Cronus digital matrices and KP-32 keypanels. The installation was performed by RTS/Telex’s long-time partner, Okno-TV.

"For years, RTR has been successfully using matrices and keypanels from RTS/Telex, including a multi-frame Adam matrix in the company’s Moscow headquarters. Furthermore, the company’s experience with RTS/Telex equipment has been uniformly positive, so the use of anything else for the current round of installations was out of the question," claimed Nico Lewis, RTS/Telex Senior Sales Manager responsible for Russia.

"The fundamental concept of the RTR installation, for example, is a Russia-wide Ethernet trunked (RVON) IP network," he added, "so all the new systems have to be capable of being integrated into the network using trunking technology. Only RTS/Telex offers this possibility."

The RTS Cronus intercom is a modular, 32-port digital matrix intercom in a two rack unit format capable of holding up to four AIO analogue or RVON-C voice over IP cards with eight ports each. It permits up to four Cronus units to be linked to create a unified 128-port matrix. When connected as a single matrix, the individual Cronus intercom controls retain their independence at each matrix to maximize reliability.

The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VTTRK) is state-owned and controls the RTR and Kultura TV channels as well as Radio Rossii, 92 regional TV and radio companies, and 99 TV and radio studios, making it one of the world’s largest broadcasters.

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