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RTP goes virtual with Orad

15 May 2007

Orad Hi-Tec Systems has announced that it will provide Portugal’s public broadcaster RTP with a range of equipment, including its advanced high-end ProSet virtual studio, Xync infrared camera tracking system and four HDVG realtime video graphic platforms.

After having carefully evaluated all the other solutions on the market, RTP reportedly chose Orad’s because of its cost effectiveness, flexibility, the complete independence and free camera movement for its four camera channels, and the strong local support from VANTeC, Orad’s Portuguese distribution partner. RTP was particularly impressed with the fact that Orad provided a one-package solution with seamless integration between its virtual studio, on-air graphics and infrared camera tracking.

Relying on the Xync infrared camera tracking system, the ProSet system will provide RTP free camera movement within the studio. Two of the studio cameras will be mounted to pedestals and will be able to perform dolly on air shots, the third camera will be mounted to a crane and the forth camera will be handheld.

RTP will be using ProSet to broadcast their highly coveted RTP1 national channel, and other channels like RTP Africa, RTP International, RTP Madeira, and RTP AVores. ProSet will be used to produce RTP’s most visible shows including; primetime interviews and panels, political interviews, and to produce 3D graphics for daily news broadcasts.

Senra Moniz, RTP, commented: “Orad’s ProSet virtual systems and Xync tracking systems provide us with total freedom of camera movement, both in pedestal and crane, as well as the capability to direct programmes conventionally. They also allow the director to preview the cameras with the final virtual set’s composition, while working within the constraints of a 100 square metre studio.”

Avi Sharir, CEO and president of Orad added: “This sale to one of Europe’s most respectable public broadcasters demonstrates the growing demand for high-end virtual studio systems, and Orad’s continuous dominance in the market.”

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