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RTL Newmedia partners with Tevizz and EVS for football app

28 August 2013
RTL Newmedia partners with Tevizz and EVS for football app

RTL Newmedia has unveiled a new feature on its Club RTL second screen app, developed in conjunction with Tevizz and EVS. The app is designed specifically for UEFA Champions League and Europa League viewers and will be available for the entire 2013-14 season, covering both leagues.

The new feature brings together image and social media functions, allowing viewers to watch match highlights on their tablet or smartphone, and read comments about each clip from social media. Users will automatically receive realtime commentaries from celebrities, football professionals, popular bloggers and fans. The app will also allow users to join debates and share their favourite moments on RTL’s Facebook and Twitter pages and on RTL Sport’s live chat.

“This revolutionary feature brings together instant video replay and targeted social media monitoring capabilities,” said Jean-Jacques Deleeuw, director, RTL Newmedia, RTL Belgium. “It is a central part of our strategy, combining first and second screens and social TV."

Tevizz’s technology automatically analyses social media messages relating to a particular clip during an AV broadcast, and follows the audience in realtime, using social media data, monitoring trends throughout the broadcast.

“RTL has shown that well-established broadcasters, through innovation and high-quality content, are capable of remaining at the cutting edge in today’s new era, where online, mobile, social media and TV technologies come together,” commented Didier Joos de ter Beerst, CEO, Tevizz.

With C-Cast, EVS allows RTL to access content during live production and deliver it to viewers through a connected screen. As a result, viewers can choose to view match action from different camera angles minutes after it has occurred.

Luc Doneux, executive vice president, Sports Division, EVS, added: “For the Club RTL app, Tevizz’s technology integrates seamlessly with our C-Cast solution, as social media comments and messages are linked with the timeline of video clips produced with EVS’s production systems. As a result, Club RTL now offers an enhanced user experience and capitalises upon the full range of resources at its disposal."

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