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RTL implements Skyline DataMiner

23 August 2007

RTL’s Broadcasting Centre Europe (BCE) has signed a contract for the supply of a comprehensive Skyline Communications DataMiner NMS platform to manage its entire technical infrastructure end-to-end. The DataMiner platform will integrate more than 60 different types of devices and systems from various vendors, and is unique in its kind as it will span across different BCE departments, including broadcast, terrestrial transmission, IT and Telecom.

The DataMiner platform will enable BCE to gradually consolidate its network management needs into a single platform, offering a broad range of professional applications such as alarming, trending, reporting, correlation, automation, notification, etc.

“When we were looking to renew our complete Network Operations Centre infrastructure, we saw this also as a unique opportunity to evaluate the latest network management technologies. In today’s competitive environment and the ever-faster evolving technology, there is an undeniable need to consolidate network management and to step away from disparate vendor specific applications,” commented Guy Geimer, manager of NOC & Playout Operations of BCE. “A detailed analysis of the available solutions in the industry quickly pointed us towards Skyline’s DataMiner platform, as it provided the key ingredients that we were looking for: one open platform, proven and deployed in the field, capable to interface with just any product or system from any manufacturer, offering a comprehensive set of professional applications and user interfaces, and provided by a vendor-independent NMS expert supplier.”

“We are very honoured with the decision of BCE to deploy DataMiner as its top level management system. And in particular because BCE had a progressive vision to consolidate its network management not only across the different vendor boundaries within one specific domain, but also to consolidate further across all different departments, notably broadcast, terrestrial transmission, IT and telecom,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, sales & marketing director of Skyline Communications. “This progressive vision of BCE illustrates the dynamics of the company and it will generate tangible operational benefits. And this prestigious project enables Skyline also to demonstrate the full potential of its DataMiner multi-vendor NMS platform. After all, one graphical user interface and one standard set of powerful applications will provide access to all technical resources.”

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