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RTL employs RTW TM3 for loudness monitoring

4 May 2012
RTL employs RTW TM3 for loudness monitoring

German Broadcaster RTL used pre-production units of the new RTW TM3 TouchMonitor during the first Formula 1 races in Australia and Malaysia, where they passed acid tests. The three units are part of Wige Broadcast’s extensively preconfigured mobile production system, which the company flies from race to race, setting it up on site. Despite the considerable workload the equipment must handle, Tobias Vees, executive manager for technical systems and business development at Wige Broadcast, said the units operated flawlessly. “Even after countless transports, temperature fluctuations, and continuous assembling and disassembling, the units operated smoothly,” said Vees. “In addition, our on-site users liked the extremely straightforward operating concept of the TM3, as well as the option of placing the unit horizontally or vertically, as needed.” For the Formula 1 broadcasts, Wige Broadcast used the TM3 TouchMonitor as a component of the on-site edit suites. The signal inputs of the TM3 are extremely flexible and provide a number of formats, including analogue (balanced and unbalanced), AES3 and S/PDIF — features that Vees appreciates. “When it comes to selecting input sources, the TM3 is extremely flexible,” he explained. “Fast integration of the devices into existing setups is simple and straightforward. “We are very glad that Wige Broadcast relies on the TM3 TouchMonitor to realise such a demanding project,” said Andreas Tweitmann, CEO, RTW. “We are convinced that the TM3 is an extremely flexible and reliable entry-level solution for loudness-metering applications.”

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