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RTBF news goes 3D with Orad

22 February 2007

Belgium’s Radio T_l_vision Belge de la Communit_ Fran_aise (RTBF) is purchasing Orad Maestro platforms for news and channel branding productions, as well as multiple seats of 3Designer authoring software and various plug ins. The sale is estimated at $1.2 million and will be supplied during 2007 and comes after a thorough evaluation process, writes Andy Stout.

Eventually RTBF chose to standardise its graphics with Orad’s Maestro 3D graphic systems, which will provide RTBF with an end-to-end playout application for news, channel branding, and on site production. RTBF choose Orad’s Maestro as the most cost effective solution and for its scalability, reliability, and its seamless integration with Avid iNews and NLE systems.

Maestro takes full advantage of Orad’s HDVG video graphic platform which will offer RTBF advanced standard definition capabilities with an easy upgrade path to high definition. RTBF chose multiple Orad’s 3Designer authoring software, which will enable authors to create state-of-the-art, real-time 3D graphics and animations.

RTBF has announced Orad as its premium partner for graphics solutions for the entire digitisation process. “A sale to a leading public broadcaster like RTBF firmly reinforces Orad’s prominent place in the news graphic market,” commented Avi Sharir, Orad president and CEO.

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