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RT_ goes live with Pilat IBMS

12 July 2007

Pilat Media has announced that RT_ Television, Ireland’s public service broadcaster, has gone to air with its first Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS) produced schedules for RT_ One and RT_ Two, writes Fergal Ringrose.

RT_ selected Pilat Media’s IBMS as its channel management solution for its capacity to greatly improve long-term planning and scheduling processes, and for its ability to assist with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) requirements.

Linda Graves, broadcast administration manager & business lead for the Channel Management project at RT_, said of its decision to go with Pilat Media: “As IBMS is a fully-integrated planning and scheduling system that is already installed in a number of leading broadcast organisations around the world, we felt confident that the system would satisfy all our key requirements and provide us with a robust solution, capable of growing and adapting to the rapidly changing broadcast environment in which we operate.”

IBMS replaces a number of legacy systems at RT_ and provides a robust, yet easy-to-use platform to aid future expansion. Dermot Horan, director of broadcast and acquisitions for RT_ Television indicated that: “IBMS is a simpler environment to support. Not only will we see important enhancements to RT_ Television’s on-air presentation, but there will also be a beneficial simplification of operations as well as the addition of key new functionality. Importantly, the new system will facilitate the addition of extra channels.”

Avi Engel, chief executive of Pilat Media said: “Having worked very closely with RT_ to deliver a solution that not only supports existing business processes but also enables RT_ to capitalise on the new opportunities appearing in broadcasting, we are delighted to see real value being delivered to RT_’s operations. Since public broadcasters are increasingly concerned with achieving productivity gains whilst maintaining operational flexibility, IBMS is a natural fit.”

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