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RT Software announces 4K graphics solution

27 November 2014
RT Software announces 4K graphics solution

RT Software has announced support of 4K UHD in its overlay and sports analysis real-time graphics products. RT Software partnered with UK graphics services company Moov for the field tests, during which the systems performed faultlessly, the company claims.

Whilst 4K is in its infancy we have no doubt that it will establish itself over the coming years. Consumers are already committing themselves to 4K screens and there is much discussion amongst broadcasters and production companies about the generation of 4K content,” stated Mike Fredriksen, commercial director, RTSW. “We took a decision to make our 2014 IBC booth 4K across the board, and our partners and major broadcasters all showed good interest in our capabilities in this emerging area.”

One immediate real world application is in the sports sector. “Content is increasingly being captured in 4K,” commented Luke Harrison, technical product marketing manager, RT Software. “We can make use of that today in a HD TX chain. Our 4K tOG-Sports system includes a zoom window tool that gives high quality HD output, either live or on the replay. For the replay scenario, keyframing of pan and zoom makes it very easy to generate useful content. Add the fact that all our tied to pitch analysis tools are available in 4K and I suspect we have a truly unique solution.”

RTSW’s 4K solutions use HP z820/840 workstations, AJA or Bluefish video i/o boards and nVidia Quadro k series GPUs and a Windows or Linux operating system. Video in, fill and key out and composited video and graphics out are all supported.

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