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RTÉ deploys Pixel Power’s BrandMasters

8 August 2013
RTÉ deploys Pixel Power’s BrandMasters

RTÉ has chosen BrandMaster systems from Pixel Power, for manual control across several of the broadcaster’s channels. The systems combine master control and branding technology.

There are currently five BrandMaster systems in live service at RTÉ One, RTÉ Two (SD and HD), RTÉ Junior and an engineering text channel. The sixth system is held as a hot spare as part of an SLA agreement.

Peter Duggan, project manager for the recently completed group of RTÉ Television Presentation Projects, said: “Two of our channels – RTÉ One and RTÉ Two (SD/HD) – are highly reactive services. As a consequence transmission output is routinely at the mercy of live content. The requirement for manual intervention is an essential one in such a broadcast environment.”

Duggan continued: “BrandMaster technology delivers the necessary tight and bi-directional integration to and from RTÉ Television’s Morpheus automation system. The very proactive support from Pixel Power throughout the implementation and commissioning phases of the recently completed projects has been impressive and a truly collaborative one.”

RTÉ has deployed both Pixel Power’s hardware Video Switch Panel control technology as well as its touchscreen-based PPMC (Pixel Power Management Console). The former is used for manual control with sources displayed on each button. The touchscreens allow additional audio monitoring as well providing RTÉ with the ability to create shortcuts to everyday workflows.

James Gilbert, joint MD, Pixel Power, commented: “It’s often easy to forget that live broadcasting is still a fundamental part of what so many broadcasters do. Rather than forget that, our technology has been constantly developed to provide broadcasters with the flexibility and level of integration that they require.”

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