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RSS Production upgrades with SGO’s Mistika

17 June 2013
RSS Production upgrades with SGO’s Mistika

Moscow-based RSS Production has invested in SGO’s Mistika System to upgrade its newly launched post production studio predominantly for colour grading in 2D and Stereo 3D work.

RSS Production is an association of professionals in the film and television production industry with resources including high-end digital cameras and next-generation technology for Stereoscopic 3D and 2D productions. The post production studio is made up of several editing stations, sound recording systems as well as a VFX and colour grading and Stereo 3D studio which now houses an SGO Mistika system with a 2K Barco projector with a 5-metre reference screen.

The company is currently working on a feature film, for which it is planning to use the Mistika technology for the colour grading and Stereo 3D effects, as well as for an upcoming multimedia show.     
Creative producer at RSS Production, Alexander Dukhon said, “Stereo 3D is only just developing in Russia and is still a very new format here but there is a growing demand for it, as audiences enjoy seeing the screen come alive in 3D. Producers are still afraid of the format and that is why our company aims to dispel the myths about 3D production with cutting edge and performance-leading technology, such as Mistika, for 3D shoots and post production.”        
Jose Luis Acha, regional sales manager at SGO in Madrid added, “It is very exciting to introduce a new customer in the Russian market to Mistika. Russia’s demand for emerging technologies is rapidly increasing and the timing is ideal for them to embrace Mistika technology. We look forward to a close relationship with RSS Production as Mistika is put to work on the forefront of Russia’s 2D and 3D colour grading and DI for their headline events, high profile shows, documentaries and film work.”

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