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RRsat rebrands to RR Media

9 September 2014
RRsat rebrands to RR Media

RRsat has announced a company-wide rebrand to RR Media to reflect an expansion in its global service offering. This includes: a scalable media services platform; media centres including hubs in the New York metro area, London and the Middle East to facilitate local service and support; and a smart global distribution network.

RR Media’s CEO, Avi Cohen (pictured), commented: “We have been making great progress over the past few years, with acquisitions and state-of-the-art service enhancements, giving us a true global ecosystem of digital media services. This has enabled us to grow our customer portfolio by offering a full solution in many different regions and vertical sectors.”

We’ve focused on our customers’ needs, enabling them to plug into our global services locally in order to transform original content into globally-valuable media and entertainment products,” continued Cohen. “For example, our teams can manage and implement all technical, operational and workflow aspects of content preparation, management and increased distribution capabilities, leaving customers free to focus on the creation of exciting new content and viewer offerings.”

The RR Media management team, which brings a wealth of experience in the field of content distribution and management, operation, customer experience and live sport, is already driving this change around the world. We’re on a mission, rethinking and reinventing media and entertainment experiences.”

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