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RRSat Europe supports Supponor

7 October 2013
RRSat Europe supports Supponor

RRsat Europe is supporting sports media and technology company Supponor with the global rollout of its specialist Digital Billboard Replacement product, DBRLive, which digitally inserts replacement billboard images into the different broadcast feeds of a match or event.  

DBRLive allows rights holders and broadcasters to maximise the value of commercial assets by replacing traditional advertising boards with billboards tailored to regional audiences. Although the billboards remain normal to fans in the stadium, the boards are replaced by digitally generated graphics on the broadcast feed.

RRsat Europe, known as JCA prior to being acquired by RRsat Global Communications, was brought in to provide Supponor with back-end infrastructure in time for the start of the football season in Spain, by providing an online digital archive facility. RRsat Europe is also helping Supponor manage its growing asset database. At the end of each live event, Supponor immediately provides RRsat Europe with the recorded output for each region. RRsat Europe then ingests and transcodes the recording into the appropriate digital format, making it available via its online digital archive.

Each regional version of the match is stored ready for use in a variety of scenarios, for example allowing Supponor’s brand partners to analyse the exposure they received in a given broadcast, or allowing broadcasters in a specific region to replay the event again.
Charlie Marshall, chief strategy and business development officer at Supponor said, “What makes our company exciting is the huge growth we are experiencing due to the very nature of the DBRLive product. Each sports event requires a number of different regional recordings. Multiply that by the number of games and leagues across the world that we have yet to access and you have an idea of how important efficient asset management is to us.
“RRsat Europe demonstrated a real can-do attitude, taking the problem out of our hands and streamlining it, so that now we can simply direct requests for recordings straight to them. Their back-end media browser is currently used to help us service major European football opportunities, and this recognised and trusted technology service is a vital part of our offering.”

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