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Ross Video rolls out Vision 2 Live Production Studio

7 January 2011
Ross Video rolls out Vision 2 Live Production Studio

Ross Video has introduced what it refers to as ‘the ultimate production system package’, the Vision 2 Live Production Studio, which works off the shelf after connecting cameras and displays.

“Producers wanting to harness the power of today’s multi-definition production tools often struggle with the complexities introduced when various servers, switchers and graphics systems are combined,” said Nigel Spratling, switcher business development manager for Ross Video. “Interfaces across different platforms are not always intuitive or user friendly and there are lots of choices out there. By packaging and integrating a production ‘suite’ we have eliminated these concerns and created a powerful yet affordable system that is very easy to use.”

At the centre of the system, which Ross also bills as ‘9 rack units of pure production power’, is the Vision 2 control panel  with full mnemonics (pictured), a 2 MLE QMD chassis loaded with: 16 Multi-Def Inputs, 16 Multi-Def Outputs, 4 Channels of 3D DVE that have Pre-Processor Effects, Key-combiner with intersecting planes, Backside Video, Timelines and 3D Borders.

Also included is a SoftMetal Video Server with 1 input channel and 2 output channels for simultaneous playback and program recording. The SoftMetal server is tightly integrated with the Vision for precise and instant control of clip playback during live productions. This server includes 16 channels of digital audio for every video channel and can playback embedded audio and discreet digital audio channels at the same time.
Finally, graphics are handled with the XPression Studio AE SCE system, a complete hardware/software system with video and alpha outputs and a separate input for including external sources within designs.

The company has also introduced the new CrossOver Solo, a compact switcher designed for space restricted applications and limited budgets. Based on the successful CrossOver 12, the Solo has the same features and specifications; however the main electronics and signal I/O are combined with the panel as a single unit – reducing cost and size. US MSRP is $9995.

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