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Ross Video platform integration boost

31 August 2011
Ross Video platform integration boost

openGear, the open standard terminal equipment platform, now offers openGear Connect, allowing any TCP/IP enabled product to be fully integrated into DashBoard, writes Michael Burns.

DashBoard 4.0 itself offers a new plugin, enabling user rights and management, configurable users and groups, with read/write access rights down to individual card parameters. Both will be demonstrated on the Ross Video stand.

Ross Video is also expanding the openGear portfolio with the introduction of the LDP-8242 Loudness processor. This actively and automatically manages and corrects loudness level changes in audio content using the Linear Acoustic Aeromax algorithms. A range of Dolby processing solutions had been added that include an audio multiplexer, and an audio demultiplexer with Dolby decoding for Dolby E and Dolby Digital and a frame synchronization series with DolbyE and Dolby Digital decode and encode. A new Nielsen Watermarks Encoder is also being shown on the stand, a modular solution that comprises a 16 audio channel, 3Gb/s processing core, incorporating the new Nielsen Watermarks.

A range of metadata applications, closed captioning monitoring and transport stream conversion and monitoring products is also on display. Ross metadata products allow insertion, extraction and monitoring of data in the HANC/ VANC space, such as SCTE-104 triggers, CC, AFD, GPI and Timecode. Transport stream products offer ASI/310 conversions, monitoring and reporting of ASI stream health and SCTE-35 trigger detection. Caption monitoring with the CDP-100 verifies CDPs for compliance to SMPTE 334 with error reporting and logging of any variances.


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