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Ross Video in 2 MLE switcher development

7 April 2011
Ross Video in 2 MLE switcher development

New from Ross Video at NAB 2011, the Carbonite is based around the Ross Multi-Definition Production Engine, which offers the same processing used in the Vision Octane, precisely tuned for this new platform.

The Carbonite series includes two choices of panel size combined with a 16- or 24-input chassis.

Carbonite 1 is a robust 1MLE panel with 16 direct access source buttons, full panel mnemonics and Ross ‘PanelGlow’ RGB buttons. This competent control surface has direct access to two full MLEs, giving producers the operational benefits of a multi-MLE production in the same physical space as a traditional 1MLE production switcher.

Carbonite 2’s ergonomic panel harnesses the horsepower of Carbonite’s production engine efficiently and intuitively. A total of 24 direct access buttons, full mnemonics, PanelGlow, three axis joystick and Ross faders are all standard.

Carbonite also includes a browser-based, multi-user GUI that can be instantly accessed from a Mac, PC or an Apple iPad. The GUI provides comprehensive graphics management for Media-Stores as well as control switcher set-ups and remote operation.

The 2RU processing engine of Carbonite includes two MultiViewers, four keyers per MLE, four DVE channels, four animation stores, internal synchronisation and conversion, and full Multi-Definition operation.

A 16-input Carbonite 1 is $22,995.00, while a fully-loaded 24 input Carbonite 2 is $39,995.00. Shipments will begin this summer.

“Carbonite is simply remarkable,” said Nigel Spratling, switcher business development manager at Ross Video. “By taking what we have learned in the development of Vision and CrossOver, we have been able to design a product that fits a market need perfectly. Carbonite fills the gap between compact 1 MLE production systems and highly configurable Multi-MLE products. A compact 2 MLE, 24-input MD switcher has never before been available at such an affordable price.

“These price points bring 2 MLE production capability within reach for many. There are applications where a Multi-MLE system is desired but is just too expensive, making the introduction of Carbonite a true game-changer.”

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