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Ross OverDrive takes control of production

18 September 2012
Ross OverDrive takes control of production

Ross Video enhanced its OverDrive Automated Production Control System with the release of version 12 software during IBC2012. Version 12 software introduces SideBox and SideSlide – two new control surfaces which give the operator unprecedented control of all production elements. “SideBox allows mapping of any ‘button press’ or automation system function to a 28 button shot box while SideSlide provides tactile control of audio to provide best-in-class control among APC systems,” said Scott Bowditch, marketing product manager for OverDrive, Ross Video. “These control surfaces can be placed at the user’s fingertips, regardless of the location of the OverDrive client screens or production switcher panel. With these two additions, OverDrive users can maximise flexibility of staffing and space.” Also new for version 12 is OverDrive Ultimate Redundancy. This will enable the use of fully redundant switchers to provide a system with no single points of failure. Along with video server sync-roll, redundant servers and multiple clients, OverDrive offers a level of redundancy that fits any customer’s needs, regardless of risk tolerance level or

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