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Rosco helps broadcasters to capture Olympic VIEW

15 August 2012
Rosco helps broadcasters to capture Olympic VIEW

Studio Telemundo was looking for the perfect backdrop behind their anchors for their London 2012 Olympic coverage. Space around the stadium was limited, so broadcasters began looking for alternative solutions. Broadcasters needed to make sure the windows of their studio were not blown out by the brightness of the exterior light so Telemundo turned to products like Rosco N.6 Roscolex Acrylic Panels. Many other studios installed Rosco VIEW, a product that was engineered to control the exposure in windows using a two-part system: part 1, a rigid Rosco VIEW Panel installed in the window, and part 2, a corresponding Rosco VIEW Camera Filter inserted into the camera. Rotating the camera filter causes it to cross-polarise with the panel in the window, which gives studios instantaneous control over the brightness seen in the window — even remotely. The best example of this was in Norway’s NRK Broadcast Studio built on top of scaffolding rising over four storeys high. The company installed 13 Rosco VIEW panels into their scaffold-top studio and had three cameras outfitted with Rosco VIEW Camera Filters. NRK sent a skeleton crew to operate the studio, opting to control most of the lighting, sound — and even the Rosco VIEW — from the studio in Norway. The Rosco VIEW GUI (Graphic User Interface) allows the control room to network with the Rosco VIEW Camera Filter Rotators – allowing them to control the brightness of the windows in their studio from over 1,000 miles away. One of the most remarkable achievements by broadcasters at the Olympics was the Olympic Broadcast Services TV Tower — a series of 10 studios manufactured out of sea-freight containers. Each studio inside the OBS Tower was two containers wide and comes with windows that look out onto London’s Olympic Park. However, each of the incoming broadcasters leasing those studios were left to their own devices in how they would address the overpowering brightness coming through the windows in order for their viewers to see the Olympic-scape in the background. Some studios opted for gel while some chose N.6 Roscolex Panels — but four of the 10 studios in the tower chose Rosco VIEW.


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