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Rome’s SBP upgrades to HD OB

6 July 2006

The UK’s Broadcast Networks has been awarded the contract by SBP to refurbish an existing 20-camera OB truck (OB6) and upgrade it to full HD production capability.

Due to be completed at the end of July 2006 ready for an immediate roll-out in Italy in August, the contract involves the refurbishment, design, build and commissioning of SBP’s existing OB6 expanding side trailer based on a design by SBP’s Technical Director Sergio Nuvoloni. Major new equipment is being installed including 20 Grass Valley 6000 HD cameras, a Snell and Willcox Kahuna HD vision mixer, four Sony HDCAM High Definition VTRs, four HD LSM EVS 6.6.6. XT(2) and a central Grass Valley HD router. A tight deadline has been set for the refurbishment, which also includes the installation of a brand new Studer Vista 8 audio mixer, now an industry standard for live OB productions.

Tom Haye, director of Broadcast Networks, says: “We’re very thrilled to be working on this exciting addition to the SBP fleet. The project is based on a very tight timescale and we are putting in maximum effort to realise the completion date of the end of July. Our project team is carrying out this refurbishment at the SBP OB facility in Rome, which means we can do the work in a very short timescale and get the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.”

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