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Roku delivers channels without code

6 October 2016

Online video device maker Roku has released a significant update to its Direct Publisher platform, allowing content owners in the UK to launch streaming channels ‘without having to type a single piece of code’.

The new Roku Direct Publisher is designed to eradicate ‘laborious and expensive tasks’, and adds Mashable, Rolling Stone and Us Weekly to its built-in channel portfolio.

The solution also offers access to metrics to analyse individual video performance and a performance dashboard that provides detailed metrics so that publishers can analyse the success of their content.

“Building streaming applications typically involves significant time, development resources and costs in order for publishers to reach and engage TV viewers effectively,” said Bill Shapiro, director of product management for the Roku OS.

“With the launch of Roku Direct Publisher, we are empowering content owners to be able to get on the Roku platform quickly, develop an audience and drive monetisation. It’s a great solution for content owners and will also result in a lot of new and interesting channels for viewers.”

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