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Rohde & Schwarz presents UHD solutions

7 April 2014
Rohde & Schwarz presents UHD solutions

On the first day that NAB opened its tradeshow doors to visitors, Erik Balladares (pictured), Rohde & Schwarz, presented the company’s vision for a 4K future. The company aims to create a range of solutions to support the broadcast industry in the rollout of the high-resolution 4K standard, and, explained Balladeres, enables 4K from content creation to viewing.

New to NAB is the Tx9 family of transmitters, which can be used to broadcast programmes in high-resolution 4K format. The TMV9 medium-power VHF transmitter is a single rack instrument that delivers power levels ranging from 350W to 4.3 kW. The liquid-cooled R&S THV9 high-power transmitter offers 1.3kW to 15kW, and up to 30 kW can be achieved by combining two racks.

The THU9 TV high-power transmitter for the UHF band offers a maximum output power of 50kW with up to 42% energy efficiency, Balladares explained. The operating power of the THR9 ranges from 2.5kW to 20kW in hybrid mode and up to 40kW in analogue FM mode.

The Pronto4K-HFR player was also launched this morning at NAB, the latest addition to the family of digital disk recorders, enabling high-quality video presentations. The high-resolution content player makes it possible to play out uncompressed material up to 4K/60p RGB 12-bit over four DisplayPort 1.1 interfaces. For uncompressed 4K material, it will reach speeds up to 120fps by the end of the year.

The complete range of 4K equipment from Rohde & Schwarz is on display at NAB at booth SL1605.

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