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Rohde & Schwarz DVS to present studio-broadcast and post production solutions

2 August 2012
Rohde & Schwarz DVS to present studio-broadcast and post production solutions

At this year’s IBC, Rohde & Schwarz DVS will focus on the topics of flexibility and performance enhancement covering all systems. VENICE (pictured) goes beyond accommodating traditional video server features such as HD-SDI ingest and studio playout to include intelligent file-based functions such as file ingest, transcoding, transwrapping and media transfer. At the same time, VENICE integrates into any file-based broadcast environment thanks to its open platform and communication standards. The CLIPSTER DI workstation incorporates a cutting-edge DCP QC Tool in the area of mezzanine-format generation, which greatly accelerates performance in the DCP remastering process. Furthermore, the new render pipeline in CLIPSTER significantly boosts performance with processes running up to eight times faster. CLIPSTER supports mezzanine formats like IMF (Interoperable Master Format) and follows the latest IMF standardisation developments offering, among other things, CPL version 5 support. Bernhard Reitz, head of Product Management at DVS: "The way in which the production environment of today’s TV studio operates is marked out by a mix of the traditional video world and the modern file-based world. At this year’s IBC in Amsterdam, DVS will be showcasing its VENICE Media Production Hub for TV studios – this way redefining the world of file-based broadcasting. CLIPSTER and our storage solutions, including their enhancements, will continue to set industry standards."Rohde & Schwarz products: 8.D35DVS products: 7.E25

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