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Rohde & Schwarz auto corrects with VidChecker

21 September 2012
Rohde & Schwarz auto corrects with VidChecker

R&S VidChecker software performs quality control on incoming media files and can automatically correct common video and audio errors including loudness.

The software, which was developed by VidCheck, has been adopted as an OEM product by Rohde & Schwarz. It has a straightforward operating interface and is easy to integrate.

It can be used to test in advance whether minimal requirements or company standards have been met, such as required codecs or a specific number of audio channels. R&S VidChecker measures the parameters and settings that are most frequently found to be incorrect when files are prepared for distribution and exchange between post production, distribution and broadcast playout.

Unlike conventional quality control solutions, which only do checking, it not only performs a thorough check of the video, audio and file parameters but also automatically corrects video levels including intelligent correction of black levels and color gamut. It also autocorrects audio levels, including loudness according to EBU R128 and ATSC (CALM) standards. The control of audio loudness – particularly for commercials – is becoming a legal requirement in several countries and R&S VidChecker offers an efficient and fully automatic solution.

The quality control processing of each file includes dropouts, picture freeze, black frames and colour bar signals as well as visual artefacts. The software also ensures that the data is fully checked and in compliance with standards. It supports all relevant SMPTE, ITU and EBU audio and video standards. Maintenance support includes updates for users so they can incorporate new standards.

R&S VidChecker is fully scalable, beginning with a single license for processing four files at the same time up to four licenses operated simultaneously on a single server (16 files at once) or spread across multiple servers working together in a VidChecker Grid – a configuration that would be used in enterprise installations requiring very high throughput.

The software supports all common versions of Windows and benefits from multicore and multithread processors to process multiple files simultaneously and quickly. Using watch folders and a straightforward web services based API, it can be easily and quickly integrated into media asset or content management systems.

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