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Rohde and Schwarz aims for trouble free 3DTV

27 April 2010
Rohde and Schwarz aims for trouble free 3DTV

Launched at NAB, the R&S SFU, R&S SFE and R&S SFE100 broadcast signal generators are available now for the use of manufacturers in the development and production of set-top boxes and their components aimed at the nascent 3DTV market.

The R&S SFU, R&S SFE and R&S SFE100 have been designed to support manufacturers in the development, servicing, quality assurance and production of the new generation of TV receivers. The product family is cross-compatible, and the instruments complement each other to provide a range of versatile solutions. For the development of user equipment, Rohde & Schwarz offers the R&S SFU high-end generator. The R&S SFE mid-range generator is suitable for general-purpose lab applications as well as for technical service and quality assurance. In the manufacture of broadcast user equipment, the R&S SFE100 is used as a test transmitter. Internal transport-stream generators for the R&S SFx family are optionally available. They allow manufacturers to play back their own generated or recorded 3DTV test streams. The streams are subsequently modulated onto RF carriers and output to the device under test. Alternatively, 3DTV transport streams from a library can be used.

The R&S DVSG video signal generator  is a compact solution for the development and quality assurance of TV displays and projectors. It outputs uncompressed video signals via an HDMI interface and supports the formats used for 3DTV transmissions. Instead of static images, the R&S DVSG provides long, moving sequences with which the displays of the new 3D generation can be subjectively assessed. Users are also able to generate and integrate their own test patterns to analyze 3DTV-specific errors such as crosstalk.

The 3D images are conveyed in a modified MPEG transport stream and transmitted into one’s living room via the commonly used radio-frequency signals. The audio and video signals are fed to the TV set via the set-top box and HDMI interface. The R&S ETL TV analyzer and the R&S DVM monitoring solution allow network operators to reliably analyze their terrestrial, cable or satellite 3D TV transmissions at RF and transport-stream level.

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