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Rogue Element at Pinewood with S.two

26 February 2008

Rogue Element Films has become the first independent production facility to invest in a complete S.two uncompressed digital film production and post system. The company is currently expanding into the world of full feature production and relocating to Pinewood Studios.

“S.two is at the forefront of digital film negative capture and uses state-of-the-art data disk recording techniques,” said Dan Mulligan, MD at Rogue Element Films. “I believe that the future of digitally acquired images using fully uncompressed data digital film recorders is the way to go forward. S.two enables us to digitally capture each image as a full DPX frame – the digital negative – with zero compression.

“The cornerstone of any digital shoot is to provide a successful workflow with an extremely efficient shooting process and S.two is integral in this process.” he continued. “We look forward to a long partnership with S.two enabling us to deliver the benefits of digital film capture via DFR data recording to all our customers.”

Steve Roach, S.two VP marketing added: “This is another example of S.two providing a class-leading complete solution for our uncompressed image capture. When this is combined with the security of electronic image handling we provide and the ease of moving into editorial we are becoming the de facto standard within the digital film arena.”

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