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ro*co films unveils distribution portal

9 October 2014
ro*co films unveils distribution portal

ro*co films has launched Simple Cinema, a new international documentary distribution portal which will allow the general public to exhibit films direct through the distributor, designed to make community and educational documentary screenings more simple.

ro*co films has aimed to simplify the film licensing and materials process by giving individuals from any international territory the ability to buy rights to screen a film at their local school, theatre, bar or church through its new website.

Simple Cinema will allow the general public to license the public performance rights of any film that is both hosted on the site and available in their territory, and order anything needed to create and market a screening event. Materials include the film, poster, stills and trailer and will also allow organisers the opportunity to promote their screening through the Simple Cinema website and via its social media.

“Simple Cinema was created in response to an increasing demand for our films to be screened in communities outside of a commercial theatrical release,” said Annie Roney, founder and CEO of ro*co films. “Watching a film together, especially one of our compelling documentary films, can create a powerful experience that promotes useful discourse and sometimes, action. We are giving cinema lovers the power to dictate when, how and where they screen and share these cinematic and award-winning documentary films.  We have no doubt seen a significant shift in how the cultural mainstream embraces the documentary genre and we hope Simple Cinema will help foster this important sea change.”

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