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RNE Spain orders 15 NTP routers

5 November 2010
RNE Spain orders 15 NTP routers

Spanish state broadcaster Radio Nacional de España has ordered 15 NTP 625 digital audio routing systems for installation across its regional studios.

The order follows the recent installation of an 11-frame system at the network’s Madrid headquarters. Three-frame systems will be installed at the largest regional centres, plus single-frame systems to handle smaller sections of the network. Delivery is scheduled to commence in December. The contract was negotiated by Lexon Broadcast, NTP’s Spanish distributor.

"The existing installation at RNE Madrid is operated via an NTP 635-300 controller running a version 3.0 QNX-based core which offers main-and-redundant database support and fast TCP/IP control," details NTP Technology Sales Manager, Mikael Vest. "The regional versions will be controlled in the same way and will provide full support for the NTP 715 multiplex consoles widely used by RNE. Each single-frame system is populated with 32 analogue transformer-coupled input and output channels and 32 AES/EBU channels with a 512 x 512 matrix."

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