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Riedel Pure cable designed for OB event productions

28 March 2012
Riedel Pure cable designed  for OB event productions

Based on Riedel‘s experience in rental projects such as Olympic Games, Formula 1 and Eurovision Song Contest, the company has worked with Neutrik to design a fibre optic cable, Riedel Pure, that meets demands in event and mobile productions.  Pure is an abrasion and chemical resistant PUR jacket fibre cable available in two versions. Riedel Pure CS SM4 is a 5.7 mm tactical fibre cable exhibiting impact and crush resistance while still remaining flexible with low shape memory. The Riedel Pure XT SM4 is a dual jacket heavy-duty fibre cable with a diameter of 9 mm. It is a metal free, heavy ruggedised tactile cable for extreme environments. Riedel Pure has a low bending radius meeting G.657A specifications for the most challenging mobile applications, including outside broadcast, touring, sporting venues and stadiums. The cable has no waterpeak and is fully CWDM applicable. All cables are available exclusively in single-mode fibre fitted with four cores and can have either Neutrik OpticalCon Quad or Duo connectors. Individual components of the cables are produced by premium suppliers according to Riedel’s specifications and assembled at Riedel’s headquarters in Wuppertal.

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