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Riedel networks at X Games

31 August 2010
Riedel networks at X Games

ESPN used a multi-node MediorNet installation from Riedel Communications onsite to distribute video signals between the different locations for the 16th X Games.

MediorNet, a fibre-based signal transport solution with point-to-multipoint capabilities, provided a network allowing the routing of more than 30 video signals. Six MediorNet mainframes with 40 inputs and 48 outputs fed various videowalls as well as commentary positions with information and programmes from the different event locations.

"The versatile MediorNet system made connecting our different venues remarkably more efficient and it gave us flexibility that we haven’t had before, allowing us to create the best show possible for our spectators," said Molly MacDonald, Director Event Production at ESPN X Games.

Due to MediorNet’s flexible routing capabilities last-minute changes could be realised during the show without interruption in signal transmission or the need to change the wiring.

"Over the past 8 years we have used the Riedel Artist intercom system as an integral communication element of Event Production for the ESPN X Games. We have discussed the potential advantages of incorporating the MediorNet technology and finally had the opportunity to do so for X Games 16. We were able to overcome challenges faced in previous years, shipping our video signals point to point and quickly realised the system’s flexibility by exercising our ability to add and delete show elements in realtime," said Sheri Sternberg, Technical Director Event Production at the ESPN X Games.

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