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Riedel integrates with GV cameras

17 September 2012
Riedel integrates with GV cameras

Riedel Communications and Grass Valley have launched the new MediorNet interface card for integrating Grass Valley cameras into MediorNet fibre networks.

The new MediorNet MN-GV-2 card allows the networking of Grass Valley 3G camera systems and base station, including the LDK and the new LDX series via MediorNet.

The camera system becomes an integrated part of the MediorNet backbone solution for signal distribution for use in production, sports broadcasting and fixed installations.

“We’ve had an incredible interest from the market, more than expected,” said Henning Kaltheuner, head of product management at Riedel. “We are already getting prepared to add more of these solutions to our MediorNet network system.”

“We’re truly networking the camera, which is something completely different, it took some time to do that but we’re happy that we did it because the success seems to be overwhelming,” he concluded. – Monica Heck

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