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Riedel gives RBC-TV intercom Artistic expression

21 November 2011
Riedel gives RBC-TV intercom Artistic expression

One of Russia’s leading business TV networks, RBC-TV, has expanded its existing third-party intercom system with a Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom, and added a Riedel RockNet digital audio network for audio routing, writes David Fox.

The Artist system it has installed includes an Artist 64 mainframe and Artist control panels from Riedel’s 2100 and 3000 series.

Connection between the existing third-party intercom and the Riedel system is realized via 4-wire.

Artist is a modular intercom system that is easily adaptable. Artist Client cards provide the connection for various different signal types such as audio signals or GPIOs.

Artist Matrices can easily be expanded to form systems with up to 1024×1024 non-blocking ports.

"For our new studio, we chose Riedel Intercom, because it manages all tasks just the way we want and need it. We will also exchange the remaining Drake System in our old facility with a Riedel Artist mainframe. Those two frames will be forming one integrated system," explained Mikhail Terezchenko, RBC-TV Director Technical Development.

Its RockNet installation will distribute the audio signals on-site, and comprises RockNet 100 and RockNet 300 input and output modules.

RockNet MADI interfaces provide the connection to the studio’s audio mixing console.


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