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Riedel adds next gen OLEDs to Artist

21 April 2010
Riedel adds next gen OLEDs to Artist

Riedel Communications was making a big noise about its new Artist 1100 Series OLED control panel at NAB, billing it as the company’s new premium control key panel for Artist digital matrix intercoms.

The 1100 series features the next generation of high-res colour OLEDs. With 65,000 colours and a resolution of 140 dpi these new displays provide excellent readability and are able to show up to eight highly detailed characters of up to 24×24 pixels, ideal for displaying icons and Asian characters. Definable marker colours for the keys complete the labeling options and provide instant function identification and signalization, eg for incoming calls.

The panel provides individual rotary encoders to adjust the listen level of every talk key. Furthermore all 1100 Series control key-panels provide five dedicated function keys, a built-in high-power loudspeaker with improved audio quality with higher volume, an XLR headset connector and a removable gooseneck microphone. 3 GPIs and 3 GPOs are available for system-wide programming as standard. Two sets of balanced line level audio inputs and outputs are also provided as standard. An expansion slot for future expansion modules prepares the control panel for future technology developments.

For the entirely digital connection to the matrix via AES the panel provides both BNC and CAT-5 connectors as standard. The second audio channel of the AES signal allows the panel to transport broadcast quality audio in addition to the intercom application – an ideal feature for commentary positions.

The efficient circuit design of the 1100 series panel results in ultra-compact design with an integrated power-supply. The panel consumes 50%t less power than the 1000 Series and generates therefore also less heat.

“The intercom world as we know it, is changing dramatically. Demands for the more flexible labeling of talk keys and additional functionality are growing. With the new Artist 1100 series control panels we are able to already provide solutions to all of these demands that will be getting more and more important over the next couple of years. As studio technology integration is progressing we at Riedel see intercom panels becoming a more universal user interface, which could also include audio or video routing. The 1100 series panel is already prepared for this”, said Thomas Riedel, Managing Director of Riedel Communications.

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