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Rhythm & Hues adopts The Foundry’s MARI paint tool

18 July 2012
Rhythm & Hues adopts The Foundry’s MARI paint tool

Character animation and visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues has chosen The Foundry’s MARI as its primary paint tool. Angela Frame, Texture Department supervisor at Rhythm & Hues commented: “Before we started using MARI artists had to work with large Photoshop files in BodyPaint and go back and forth between the two programmes. Now with MARI, the artists can spend most of their time painting. They have found MARI quite user-friendly and easy to pick up so they can now paint production assets in a short amount of time. With MARI, handling the complexities of texture management is so much easier, allowing us to work smarter and push textures out quicker.” Rhythm & Hues are already using MARI on a number of projects in production including RIPD, Seventh Son, and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Going forward they will use MARI on all new shows. Jack Greasley, MARI product manager at The Foundry commented: “We are excited that Rhythm & Hues have decided to use MARI as its 3D paint and texturing tool. I have been working with them for some time to help them to understand just how powerful and flexible MARI is. It literally breaks off the shackles of monotonous procedures and lets artists get down to being truly creative.” Rhythm & Hues’s Frame continued: “It was the perfect time for us to adopt MARI. We have several shows in production that require the texture painters to work on large and challenging models. MARI gives us the ability to see our textures on a complete model, paint large textures in realtime, and set up preview shaders that give us a closer approximation to the final result. All of this was not doable with our old way of working.”


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