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RFI automates social media with Orad

6 December 2012
RFI automates social media with Orad

Radio France International has installed RadioTV, Orad’s solution for the automatic video production of radio shows, to publish two of its flagship programmes online and through social media channels. The long term plan is for RFI to use the technology to offer a large part of its output across all media delivery platforms. A public broadcaster primarily aimed at audiences outside France, RFI acknowledges the importance of online audiences and webcasts of live broadcasting, especially for political shows. “Video can give radio the chance to reach a younger, more web-savvy audience, broadening its listener base beyond podcasts,” explained Thierry Fanchon, who leads on information systems and technical management at the parent body Audiovisuel Extérieur de France. “However, we have no intention of getting into video without full mastery of our production costs,” he added. “We also immediately dismissed single camera systems, which offer little added value.” Orad’s RadioTV is a fully automated system for adding video coverage to a radio production. Voice detection automatically starts recording and switches between cameras, with smooth transitions applied in real time. RadioTV includes a library of pre-defined scenarios which also include split screens and other visual effects, according to user parameters. It is also capable of adding captions and graphics. RFI will shortly move to a new production base in the media district of Issy-les-Moulineaux, south-east of Paris. “We will have 14 studios, in which we will be installing RadioTV systems on a more ambitious scale,” added Fanchon.

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