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Reuters updates TV service

17 June 2016
Reuters TV

News provider Reuters has released the latest version of its connected TV service, Reuters TV.

Version 2.0 introduces ‘featured programs’ – thematic programmess curated and hosted by Reuters journalists, alongside live feeds of global events and personalised video newscasts.

Reuters TV is available for iOS and tvOS devices on the Apple App Store, Android devices via Google Play, and on the web globally at The update includes a redesign on both the web and Apple TV platforms.

Introduced in 2015, Reuters TV is aimed at ‘informed, on-the-go and globally curious consumers’, who value a personalised experience and are too busy to watch tradition TV. The service is designed to offer a new category of mid-form engagement that fits between the TV and the web.

Session frequency on Reuters TV has doubled in the past year, the organisation claims, and it has seen session length has grow 68 per cent and the number of active users increase by 22 times.

Isaac Showman, managing director of Reuters TV, said, “This update brings us closer to our vision of deconstructing the traditional TV news experience and reimagining it for today.

“With version 2.0 of Reuters TV, users can choose between an always up-to-date, on-demand personalised newscast, live video coverage of developing global events, and in-depth thematic reporting that provides insight around major stories. For marketers, the updates offer a beautiful canvas to engage a premium audience of urban professionals who are typically watching on their way to and from work.”

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