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Remote cameras on the ball in Q3

25 February 2015
Camera Corps

Camera Corps has three new miniature cameras at BVE: the unobtrusive Q3 pan/tilt/zoom/focus model; the tiny MeerCat; and version 3 of its Cricket Stump Cam.

The robotic Q3 is fully IP45 rated for outdoor use, while its compact spherical housing can perform an unlimited number of 360º lateral rotations. It has a 1/3-inch 1920×1080 RGB CMOS sensor with 20x optical zoom lens, and an enhanced motor drive is claimed to match the precise acceleration and deceleration of much larger robotic heads when tracking moving performers. Pan and tilt speed are adjustable from 360º in 90 minutes to 90º per second, and it can store motion control sequences of up to 25 seconds duration.

The MeerCat is small enough (30x30mm, 93mm high) to be used as a wearable camera, yet has full control facilities, including manual iris with adjustable electronic exposure. It can deliver 1080p, 1080i or 720p video at 50, 59.94 or 60Hz via HD-SDI – convertible to an optical feed using Camera Corps’ fibre interface. The power supply and interface can be up to 30m from the camera head, and control signals can be delivered over a standard audio line. Six cameras can be controlled from a single remote panel.

The latest version of the Stump Cam is its most compact yet and can be completely housed inside a regulation-gauge cricket stump. Each camera can have 50º, 100º or 128º lenses. There are four cameras: two for each wicket, so one might have a tight-angle lens facing the bowler, while the second, with a super wide lens, could capture the wicket keeper. All four feeds are multiplexed onto single-mode fibre. The system can withstand direct strikes from a ball.


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