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Reggio TV automates with Etere

6 February 2012
Reggio TV automates with Etere

Reggio TV has served the Calabria region of southern Italy since 1998 with a broad range of programming reflecting the culture of the region. It has now upgraded its content and business systems with a comprehensive solution from Etere. The modular Etere system covers airtime sales, scheduling, media asset management and archiving, playout automation and web integration. Through the integrated software the delivery platform is automated, including servers, routers and master control switchers from Grass Valley; VTRs for ingest; graphics, titling and logo insertion: and an IBM LTO-4 digital tape library. A Grass Valley Edius editor is also connected to the network. The Etere Basic core module embeds the scheduling function including secondary events. It also provides the proxy browsing capability. For Reggio TV Etere implemented redundant automation modules, with immediate switchover from the main to the backup servers in case of failure. The two automation servers are maintaining in sync at all times, and failover should be with frame accuracy. Because the airtime sales module is incorporated within the automation network even last minute changes to commercial breaks can be accepted securely. A digital logging system, Etere Memory, is embedded, maintaining a complete record of the output as a WMV or MPEG-4 file for compliance. The implementation at Reggio TV also includes comprehensive asset management capabilities, including transferring files between the LTO library and the Grass Valley playout servers as required. The web integration means that content can be searched from any authorised device over the internet if required.

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