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Record-breaking 2016 for

31 January 2017
Record-breaking 2016 for has reported a record-breaking year in 2016, boasting 98 million unique browsers each month.

Along with the news and sport mobile apps, the global news and features site generated more than 15 billion page views across the year.

24 June – the day of the UK’s European Union referendum result – was the site’s busiest single day, with 114 million page views and 21 million unique browsers. The result of the US Presidential election generated the second highest figure, followed by the terrorist attacks in Nice and Brussels.

Alongside news, the sport and culture areas of the site also saw record figures.

Jim Egan, CEO for BBC Global News, said, “The BBC has been in the business of accurate, independent and impartial news for more than 90 years. In a ‘post-truth’ world we believe our mission is as important as ever.

“Building on last year’s success we have a series of appointments, investments and initiatives planned for 2017 to help audiences follow and make sense of this year’s momentous news events around the world.”

The BBC will weigh in on the battle over fake news by continuing its ‘Reality Check’ assessments, where it identifies claims without foundation and deliberately misleading stories masquerading as news.

Reality Check was launched in early 2016 as a fact-checking service during the UK’s EU referendum and will now have an expanded, permanent team dedicated to creating content which examines the facts and claims behind a story to determine whether or not it is true. The feature will run in a variety of formats across TV, radio and online.

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